Vehicle Reservations - Internal Department Use Only

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Report any mechanical issues to the building manager.  If mechanical issues arise while out-of-town, contact the department chair for repair approval and submit receipts and description of repair to the building manager upon your return. 

Accidents and damage to the vehicle must be reported as described in the KU Use of Automobiles policy.

"Individuals involved in a vehicle accident in a state-owned vehicle:

  • The driver should immediately contact the local police or sheriff's department to report the accident.
  • If another party is involved, exchange information. Make sure to get the other party's name, address, phone number and their insurance company's name, phone number and policy number.
  • The driver should attempt to get a copy of the police report to establish responsibility for the accident.
  • If a state-owned vehicle is involved in an accident in which no other vehicle is involved, and property of others is damaged, the property owners should be contacted in addition to the police or sheriff.
  • In every circumstance, a telephone report should be made to the Risck Management Office within forty-eight (48) hours of the accident.
  • If practicable, the telephone report should be followed by a written report on the insurance forms which are carried in the state vehicle. This insurance does not necessarily remove the need for individual "drive other car" insurance for operators of state-owned vehicles. The cost of personal insurance endorsements may be reduced, however, because of the University's insurance.
  • University employees are also required to report all accidents involving state-owned vehicles to their supervisor and/or manager as soon possible.
  • Additional information regarding accident reporting is available on State of Kansas' Accident Reporting Information website.


Van Reservations (all departments)

Please email the building manager to reserve vehicle with the following information.

  • Name of person making the reservation 
  • Phone number of responsible party where they can be reached during the trip
  • Name of all drivers (Geology: see below for driver requirements)
  • Class name and number, purpose of using the vehicle
  • Faculty member or Advisor involved
  • Contact information: phone and email
  • How long do you plan to use the vehicle
  • -(time of key pick-up to time of key drop-off, M-F, 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM)
  • Destination and total miles
  • Funding for the trip (we need to know where the money is coming from to cover the gas)
  • If you have never driven a dept. vehicle before, we need a copy of your DL (front/back) for insurance


Pick up and drop off keys in Ritchie 254F. Keys must be returned promptly after use as there are other people who have the vehicles checked out.  Vehicle keys and envelopes shall be returned the next business day (Mon-Fri, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM) at the earliest convenience to Ritchie Hall 254F.  


Please fill up the gas tanks before returning the vehicle from where you picked it up (if from the KU Maintenance Garage, you must return the vehicle to the KU Maintenance Garage).

  • The gas pumps are located at the KU Maintenance Garage. 
    • When you arrive at the fill station there are four pumps - 2 are unleaded (pumps 1 & 2) and 2 are diesel (pumps 3 & 4).  In the center of the four pumps is a control box where you will enter the following information: 
      • Vehicle asset number from the inside of driver door;
      • 4 digit personal gas code.  You will need a personal PIN, the person to contact to request a PIN is Tanya Childers, t460h627@ku.eduThis is like a debit card pin that is personalized to you and is not to be shared with anyone;
      • Odometer Reading (used to track maintenance, please use actual odometer reading);
    • Follow input prompts on the screen at the pump;
  • State vehicles, if filling up in Lawrence, MUST use the pumps at the garage.  Research vehicles can use any gas station. 
  • Each vehicle has a gas p-card.  We need all receipts for all purchases made on p-card. 
    • When you get the p-card, it comes with an envelope. Ideally, you are to store the keys, p-card, and receipts within these envelopes and return the whole thing back to the building manager upon return. 
    • Only use the gas card for vehicle related purchases (fuel, tolls, minor repairs under $500).

Returning Vehicles

  • Vehicles shall be returned with at least 3/4 tank of gas and clean to the lot or spot where they are designated to be parked, see list of vehicles, below.  
    • GEOL DEPARTMENT: In the loading dock area of SLAW Hall, we have a shop vac, wipes, broom, mop, bucket, hose, and a trash can for users of the van to clean them out. 
  • Vehicle keys and envelopes shall be returned the next business day (Mon-Fri, 8:00-5:00) at the earliest convenience to Ritchie Hall 254F.  

General Rules and Responsibilities of Driving Vans 

"In compliance with state rules and regulations, “only state employees and persons reasonably engaged in ‘official state business’ are allowed to ride in a state vehicle.”  Non-employees are prohibited from driving University owned vehicles under any circumstances. This prohibition includes vehicles rented under University vehicle rental contracts. Family members and friends of employees may not ride in state vehicles. Pets are not to be transported in state vehicles."

Geology Drivers

If you are in Geology, you will need to take the online tests.  There are 4 tests and will be emailed to you from Alert Driving.  In order to take the tests, please email the building manager at the following info:

  • Name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • KU online ID (a123b456)

List of Vehicles, Permit, and Parking locations

Geography and Atmospheric Studies

  • Ford E-350 XL Multipassenger Van, White, Tag 11630, Reserved parking spot in lot 54, space 54-2, equivalent of Gold tag for parking elsewhere on campus.


  • Dodge Grand Caravan, Silver, Tag 763EMF, Reserved parking spot in lot 54, space 54-1, equivalent of Gold tag for parking elsewhere on campus.

      - The Geology minivan must not leave the KC metro/Lawrence area.  It is NOT to be used for field trips or research.

The fleet of Geology vans are parked outside of the KU Maintenance Garage (Lot 220), Bob Billings and Westbrooke.

  • Chevy Suburban, Blue, Tag 762EMF, BLUE parking permit
  • Chevy Express 15 Passenger Van (Max occupancy 9*), Red, Tag 13423, BLUE parking permit
  • Chevy Express 15 Passenger Van (Max occupancy 9*), Gold, Tag 14766, BLUE parking permit
  • Chevy Express 12 Passenger Van, Red, Tag 17896, BLUE parking permit
  • Chevy Express 12 Passenger Van, White, Tag 17895, BLUE parking permit
  • Ford F150, Brown, Tag 25907, BLUE parking permit
  • Ford F150, Silver, Tag 26297, BLUE parking permit

Associated Policies

* “Due to safety concerns, 15-passenger vans may not be used to transport more than nine (9) persons, including the driver. Because weight distribution is a factor in rollover propensity of 15-passenger vans, cargo of equivalent weight should not be substituted for passengers. More information about the rollover concerns with these vehicles is located in the background section of this policy.12-passenger vans have not been linked to a similar propensity for rollover accidents as have 15-passenger vans. Thus, 12-passenger vans may be filled to capacity.”