Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Xoe if you can't find what you're looking for

Q: Who do I contact for (blank)?

A: Click to view a list of who to contact for specific items.

Q: How do I obtain a parking permit for a visitor?

A: Send the following information to the Lindley Hall Welcome Center at 48 hours PRIOR to the guest's arrival to campus:

  • Purpose of visit (e.g., giving talk to students in EVRN 142)
  • Expected time of arrival and departure
  • Visitor name
  • Visitor email address
  • License plate state and license plate number
  • Make/brand of vehicle
  • Style (4-door, 2-door, SUV, hatchback, truck)
  • Exterior color

Q: How do I update a student's grade from Incomplete (I) once they have submitted all necessary assignments?

A: Visit the registrar's Faculty & Staff Resources page to obtain the proper forms and instructions. 

Q: A student's grade was entered incorrectly and needs to be updated. What do I need to do?

A: Visit the Registrar's Faculty & Staff Resources page to obtain the proper forms and instructions.

Q: How can my student grader obtain access to the class on Blackboard?

A: Contact Blackboard Support at 785-864-2600 or via email at Support hours: Monday through Friday from 8 AM - 5 PM.

Q: How can I get access to print?

A: Faculty and graduate students are typically automatically set up to print. If you need assistance setting up the printer on your computer, contact IT at

Q: What is an MFD?

A: MFD stands for Multifunctioning Device and is the centralized copy/printing/scanning machine.

Here's a list of MFD locations and who should be printing to them:


GEOGRAPHY/ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE Faculty and Graduate Students: Lindley 220 or Lindley 410

GEOLOGY Faculty: Ritchie 254

GEOLOGY Graduate Students: Ritchie 154

Q: How do I print documents from my USB?

A: Printing from USB does work, but the USB device connected to the MFD must be formatted using the FAT32 filesystem. By default, most flash drives will come with the NTFS filesystem, which is the format used for Windows drives, or APFS, which is used for Macs. Changing the format to FAT32 is simple, but most people will not think to do it, and the process does erase the contents of the drive. If you need assistance setting your computer up to print wirelessly to the MFD,  contact IT at You can alternatively submit a Print Request form to have Welcome Center staff print it on your behalf.

Q: Where can I get large posters printed?

A: Jayhawk Ink offers a variety of printing services, including posters. Those in Geology can use departmental paper to receive a discount if it is in stock at Jayhawk Ink (always call ahead to be sure!). If no paper is available, contact staff in the main office at

Q: How can I download software for my KU computer?

A: If you’re using a computer provided by the University, look for a preinstalled program called Software Center (if it’s a Windows PC) or Self Service (if it’s a Mac). Many common applications can be found here and downloaded at no cost. If you’re in need of a program that isn’t listed in Software Center or Self Service, please  contact IT at


Q: KU is tobacco free.  How do I report seeing someone using tobacco on campus?

A: Use this link to report tobacco violations

Q: Are animals allowed inside Lindley or the EEEC?

A: The short answer is no, but more details can be found via the Provost's policy on animals in buildings (service dogs, research, etc). Most of us love animals, but we have to be respectful of others around us.  Some people are allergic and others are terrified of dogs.  However, we know life happens and if you occasionally NEED to bring your pet in, they should be restricted to your office space.  Pets are not allowed in classrooms or lab space.  Regardless of the animal's service designation, all animals must be well trained and well behaved if they are in the buildings.  Be sure to clean up any messes and have a doggy bag for their restroom breaks.  Keep the pet on a leash or smaller pets in a crate.  No pets with fleas and/or ticks.  If the staff or faculty start hearing that students are being affected, the KU policy of no pets will be strictly enforced. Pet owner assumes all responsibility for keeping the pet and those around the pet, safe.

If you wish to have an emotional support animal as a workplace accommodation, that process would need to start with Catherine Johnson in the ADA Resource Center for Equity & Accessibility.