Student Hourly Hires

Student Hourlies

  • Limited to 20 hours per week during the academic year and 40 hours per week during breaks and when classes are not in session.  There is more information on work limitations here, and information regarding background checks here. 
    • Student hourlies can be either undergraduates or graduate students, but you need to be sure they are only working up to their maximum number of hours for all positions combined. (Ex: a student can hold more than 1 student hourly position on campus, but can only work 20 hours TOTAL between ALL their positions).  
  • Pay for an hourly employee is based on actual hours worked and reported. Student hourly employees are required to report actual hours worked daily, generally via web clock through HR/Pay. For assistance adjusting your reported time (i.e., you forgot to clock-in/out), send Xoe Cranberry an email at with the correct time.
    • Failure by hourly employees to accurately report actual hours worked or falsification of hours worked for ACA purposes will be reviewed to determine if there may be grounds for disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.
    • Instructions on how to clock in/out

How to Hire a Student Hourly Employee:

  • Please allow a MINIMUM of 4 weeks between initiating a request and the anticipated start date, particularly for those who plan to start at the beginning of the fall. 
  • IMPORTANT:  Students cannot begin working until the entire onboarding/hiring process is complete. When in doubt, Amy Rooney (SSC-HR Contact) or Allison Newman (Administrative Assistant for Internal Affairs)
  1. Notify Allison Newman as soon as you know you need to hire a student hourly employee.
  2. Secure funding and any necessary approvals
    1. Permission from Chair/Director to use departmental funds
    2. Grant Project ID (with approval from PI)
    3. Other funding
  3. Request a blank student hourly posting form and submit to  Allison Newman
    1. Allison will review the posting and request clarification if needed, and will work with the SSC to post the position. 
    2. Each position is required to be posted for a minimum of 3 days, but can be posted as long as necessary. If you have a student in mind, they will need to apply to the position during this time (direct hires are not allowed).
    3. If you are hiring a grader or similar (non-GTA) class assistant, a posting may already exist - check with Allison Newman.
  4. Determine who you would like to hire, using BrassRing to view applicant materials. Send the name(s) of the chosen candidate(s) to Allison, or complete a Student Hiring Summary (pdf) and submit to Amy Rooney
  • After the hiring summary is received, Susan will begin the hiring process. The candidate will receive a series of emails which will contain further instructions on the next steps. If they have not held a position at KU within the last 6 months, they may need to meet with an HR representative for additional paperwork. Candidates who are currently or have recently been employed by KU are typically able to complete all necessary paperwork online.