Field Trips

Before you go on a field trip for a class, the staff in the Lindley Hall Welcome Center need the following information.  Ideally, we need this information at least one month in advance.

This information can be submitted via the Field Trip Information form.

  • Syllabus (we cannot process reimbursements, receipts or invoices relating to the trip without a syllabus)
  • Class Number and Name (ex: GEOL 103, Geology Fundamentals)
    • We're looking for the business purpose or the 'why' of the Field Trip
  • Class Roster
  • Name of Faculty member and GTAs going on trip
  • Destination of Field Trip
  • Dates of Field Trip
  • Schedule/Itinerary of Field Trip
  • Budget Information
    • Do you need rental vehicles?
    • Do you need hotel reservations?
    • Do you need camp sites?
  • Names of participating students and amounts each student will be paying, if applicable

Please reference KU's Field Trip Policy