Access to Buildings & Classrooms

KU ID Card - Swipe Access

Ritchie and Slawson utilize KU ID cards for general access to the building, labs, graduate student offices, and classrooms.  STUDENTS, YOU MUST BE ENROLLED FOR YOUR KU ID CARD TO WORK.

To gain access to a secure area, please send the following information to Isabelle at

  • Legal, First and Last Name
  • Last 4 digits of your student ID number
  • Your affiliation with KU: Student, Staff, Post-Doc, Faculty, Visitor, etc
  • The department you're affiliated with
  • Permission from the lab manager/faculty member stating access to their lab is allowed

CVKey App

Lindley 313 is the EVRN Student Lounge.  You MUST be an EVRN major to have access to this room.  To gain access, please send the following information to Isabelle at

  • Legal, First and Last Name
  • 16 digit card number from your KU ID Card

Key Access

Most of Lindley uses keys instead of a swipe system.  If you need a key to Lindley, please schedule an appointment with Isabelle Busenitz.

Walk-ins are allowed, but she's generally running around the facility and not in her office.  

  • GEOLOGY ONLY STUDENTS - A $10 deposit is required for each key you check out.
    • Cash only, exact change is nice but not required
    • This is required for any key you use long-term including desk keys
    • You will get your deposit back when you return your keys
  • New Public Safety Policy requires Isabelle to get the following information for any key she checks out
    • Supervisor's First and Last Name
    • Key Holder First and Last Name
    • KU Online ID (ex: a123b456)
    • Key Holder Department
    • Key Holder Email Address
    • Key Holder will have to sign a Key Issuance Receipt (pdf) which states the holder understands this policy